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 VisualWorks 9.0.5 available
Posted By: Bill Parker-Jervis On: 19 May 2011 1:20 PM
Details VisualSoft have today made VisualWorks 9.0.5 available for download.

VisualSoft have today made VisualWorks 9.0.5 available for download.

This version includes the following recent changes:

9.0.5 - 27/04/2011


Bug Fix: When auto-copy was turned on, DVR was not copying JPEGs and Video clips to a VisualWorksReports folder.

VisualEvent Config Editor

Bug Fix: Display issue when changing "Event Table column" settings.


Bug Fix: Changing project properties to "Do not backup/Blackbox" had no affect if a backup-device was also selected.


Improvement: Added interface for XLR ROV


Improvement: Added interface for XLR ROV


Bug Fix: Auto Update Events using Custom Tables was not working.


Improvement: New tool to reassign selection of raw survey and raw event files

9.0.4 - 31/03/2011

VisualReview Launcher

Improvement: Now runs as a standard user. Only requires Admin rights for installs.

9.0.3 25/03/2011


Improvement: Cross Profile Cleaning Script - Disable individual beams per head option.


Bug Fix: SITRAS Video dataset KP summary was defaulting to 0 when dataset enabled.

VisualWorks API

New: Add Depth to comma separated string returned by VW_GetPlayStatus.

9.0.2 18/03/2011

VisualDVR / VisualArchive

Improvement: We have made small changes to the file transfer and dataset creation to ensure that datasets always match the time of the oldest video file inside them.

VisualEvent Config Editor

Bug Fix: Old column names were not being removed from the .vec file if they were removed in the user interface.


Bug Fix: Cross-Profile times were being corrupted if importing an XP.CSV file at Project level and with Local Time in the XP.CSV file.


Bug Fix: It was necessary to click twice in an Event Subset in order to display the correct video frame.


Improvement: New WMV buffering option for Shell.

VisualReview Installer

Bug Fix: Create EventConfig directory for use when VisualReview-Pro is enabled.

9.0.1 - 17/02/2011


Bug Fix: Detect .NET 4 as a valid alternative to .NET 3.5 SP1

VisualReview Launcher

Bug Fix: Detect .NET 4 as a valid alternative to .NET 3.5 SP1


Improvement: Cross Profile Cleaning script - added an option to Unprocess first


Improvement: "Reference XP Display to Video KP script": added checks for Video Position table KP being all zero values and re-ref KP is greater than 10m from look up KP.


Improvement: Plan and Side View Graphics - plot Events by position or snap to track.


Improvement: For offline overlay config, a "refresh" menu option is given at both "VisualEdit" and its data-table level to re-configure the table layouts.


Bug Fix: VisualEdit/Review was not displaying when using onboard graphics card with Q35 chipset


Bug Fix: Cross Profile script - Now uses separate passes for Across Scan Spike Size, Spike Angle and Overhang


Bug Fix: Auto Mapping for Component-to-Project linking now checks for a perfect match first and only then checks for the component name as a partial match to part of the Project name.


Bug Fix: Added a warning in VisualEdit if trying to Auto Update Events without an Event licence.


Bug Fix: For an existing offline overlay config, if a data-table has no fields then the data-table will be removed from the overlay config when it is loaded. When creating a new offline overlay config, if a data-table from the current dataset has no field or useful record then such data-table will be ignored.


Bug Fix: If no events exist and New Event selected program crashes.

9.0.0 - 08/02/2011

New Program:

3D Structure Viewer and  Autodesk Design Review integration.

New Program:
VisualWorks File Viewer

Displays VisualWorks files ( VisualWorks Logging(.vwl), Cross Profile Processing (.vwl_XpProc), DVR,  Audit and Processing Trail Logs) and allows filtering of the records.

New Program:

Start and Stop Recording with display of Recording status.


Improvement: New red level alarm message for conflicting (i.e. multiple) Time Synchronisation sources


Improvement: Added option to allow Time Synchronisation messages through Restricted Comms


Improvement: Dock the Transfer Window in the main window above the Archive Queue.


Improvement: CR672: Detect and warn when DVR is pushing files to the same destination that Archive is transferring to.


Improvement: CR665: Warn user that reading a newer project tree in an older Archive is bad.


Bug Fix: CR657: Solved problem when transfer of vwl files can cripple Archive. Re-engineered the way Archive deals with vwl files - improving the method used to find a target dataset and renaming untransferrable vwl files as bad.


Bug Fix: CR641: Archive can now see tape drives in Windows 7. The UAC manifest configuration for Archive is now administrator.


New: 3D Structure Viewer and Components List views.


New: Cross Profile Cleaning script.


New: Variable offsets in Apply Offsets script.


New: An option to have an event tag as an automatic field was added.  This means that when an event is reclassified the tag will update to match.


New: A read-only "DVR Log" event configuration was added, to match the DVR Log operations log.


Improvement: CR666: SITRAS Export - time zone of displayed output in VisualReview is configurable.


Improvement: Graphics windows were slow to initialise when first opened.


Improvement: Survey data lists Multiline tab option so all data table tabs can be visible.


Improvement: Update 3D Cross Profile view after running batch script.


Improvement: Option added to speed up Cross Profile Processing so that graphical windows are only refreshed at a user defined scan interval.


Improvement: DCC Gating script - mean value can specified.


Bug Fix: CR671: Allow image reporting to work on Vista when not Admin and target is C: drive


Bug Fix: Offsets table is now stored at root project level.

Visual Alarm

Improvement: Now differentiates between "Recording" and "BB Recording".


Improvement: Disable ability to Start/Stop recording by double clicking a coloured bar.


Bug Fix: The recording status display was not always correct. Some channels were being reported as not recording when they were.


New: Options to enable images and/or video clips of DVR Log entries was added.


New: When used with the DVR "Auto Copy" function, quick VisualWorks reports can be created using DVR log image grabs and video clips.


Improvement: DVR Log can be used at all times, to allow for a complete 24hr operations log.


Bug Fix: CR663: .bad files size limit


Bug Fix: The refresh projects from VisualArchive (F5) function now expands the project list.


Bug Fix: The brightness/contrast/saturation settings are saved on exit and re-applied when VisualDVROptibase is re-started.

VisualReview Pro

New: VisualReview Pro can now generate simple VisualWorks reports on projects created with the "DVR Log" eventing configuration.


New: A single decode interface "ROV Data Inputs" was added for common ROV data strings, including those from Perry Slingsby, Sub-Atlantic and Schilling vehicles.


Bug Fix: Sometimes the event header was incorrectly being logged as "Column1, Column2" etc.


Improvement: Do not allow multiple instances of Overlay on the same PC. This means, if a PC is running VisualDVR, then the same PC cannot run the standalone VisualOverlay in the same session, and vice versa.


Improvement: When closing/exiting the user is asked whether to Exit or Minimise


Improvement: When running within VisualEdit, all old table field names defined within Overlay Config will be automatically converted to the new data-table layout.


Bug Fix: Enabling icon/image transparent background is now fixed, and is available in the following types of overlay devices: VITEC, Videum, and RogueStream. Wider range of image types are also supported, including PNG, TGA.


Bug Fix: When running within VisualEdit, Overlay no longer automatically creates an empty overlay config at each sub-project level. If such empty overlay config files already exist the user may need to manually delete the .ovl files using Windows Explorer.


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